Sunday, 2 January 2011


i ask myself what makes me happy?
i ask myself what was my highlight of last year.
my minds flows to a blankness..a fog a mist.
and then i smile..
i smile because of the reminiscence of the time with my dad and me.

i said that end of 2010 it was really grey. but when i look back now.
i can't deny

there were so many times my emotions speak my words...
the smile on my face couldn't be wiped.

however i know i tell myself it past away now.
their no more to hold their no more to hide.

i learned that only give someone that many opportunity and chances.
i learned that don't always have high hopes..
i learned that never open your heart to someone unless you prepared to be hurt.

- Quit smoking
- Study harder
- Stick to my words
- Drink Less.
- Spend less money
- Help others

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