Saturday, 8 January 2011

Gossip - Often malicious talk.

everywhere you go there gossip. it is a form of bullying in some shape or form.Social network is a perfect way to get information and create sure we all fallen into rumours and gossip at one time or another of our life.not to lie i'm on a few social network inc - twitter, fb and formspring... but the fact is there not link to each other.but some how people link social network with general life.

it funny how recently it happened to me, gossip about me gone around?i don't think i need to clarify as i know who i am, and shouldn't think what other it non concern of their?. all i can say is you low life people that nothing else to do. wanting to feel superior, having a control or power, jealousy or want to revenge(for whatever reason) and lastly most obvious reason. grabbing a special someone... attention...
a little gossip doesn't harm, but some how it feels like my life has been taken away into someone words making it their own. the funniest thing is all the things said about me is linked to fb & twitter. then using formspring to ask me. i find it funny and entertaining to use these social network however i find that people do believe everything they read...!! gullible .

note: seriously people over internet that ask me these question must not know me that well at all..honestly, i only have a few close friends... there no need to brag about how many friends you have.. it the close one that counts :) as it the close one i do tell....

Gossip is a form of social bonding and part of human nature.
random rant.

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