Friday, 7 January 2011

Day 7

Your dream wedding.

this is a question never came into my mind, however my dream wedding must be somewhere with my family and friends gather to share the enjoyment and wishing me and my other half a life-time of happiness, no matter through what problems must be able to tackle together. must approve of me and my other half and be happy for both of us.

how wedding should be? i would like to have a mix of Chinese culture and tradition with English. i love the best of both world as i know my dad will love to see me in a Chinese wedding gown which is red, and for my personality i like to play them games or "to be husband" watching him play the games in Chinese culture ( im sure if you Chinese you know what i am on about). However since i am BBC, obviously i will have white side of me.. i would like to walk down the aisle, with a landscape of a beach romantic and pretty...

but most important is my dad from heavens seeing me and my partner happy together...and looking after us.

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