Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Twenty Nineteen.

Each year is literally passing by quicker than the previous. Coming back into this blog everything feels nostalgic and I swear I probably said that before but it just does. re-gaining the ability to type what you like a sense of security that you can look back on what you felt during a moment in life. I mean that what I literally did a few minutes ago just before I decided to type this blog.... anyway!

Recap twenty eighteen;

It's has been a whirlwind of a ride. Last year truly was an amazing year, a lot of surprises along the way. I finally was able to succeed in one my bucket list which was to travel to Cambodia! Also my first flight in four years to Taiwan. I also sadly re-homed Oreo, he was truly a great ball of energy in my life.

I got myself a handsome idiotic boyfriend, whom was able to travel these places with me including England and Amsterdam! I can’t believe I’m lucky to have a guy like him truly. I mean he even got me starting to work out at the bloody gym! I swear I’ve never stepped in one before the previous year for about nine years!

In twenty eighteen I started my new job in a new/startup school which I’m surprised about and I’m actually not complaining much about work I frankly enjoy it... also got promoted which also is a plus!

So the memories that were created in twenty eighteen was truly blissful and sincerely made me really happy...

Twenty nineteen.
I really don’t know what to expect of this year I hopefully hope it’s full of joy and that bs hahaha! But honestly, I swear I say it all the time to myself, sometimes just simply care less. Also, I hope that I do get accepted for the course. I mean that would be amazing!

Really should update this much more often than i am. reminiscing the times back in the days that i would save a day to update this blog and even way back in the day Xanga! hahaha. but yeah it feels cathartic and i really should type more...

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